Global fintech and banking licensing solutions

We’re here to help you no matter where you want to set up your fintech or banking business. Our support goes beyond borders, making it easy for you to achieve your goals around the world.

Corporate Solutions: from incorporation to restructuring

Сorporate restructuring

When your company’s setup encounters challenges, we step in to fix it—especially if it’s impacting the opening of a corporate bank account. We systematically address issues, ensuring that your business structure aligns seamlessly with your financial objectives.

Intellectual property

Your creativity needs safeguarding. We’re not just lawyers, we’re your intellectual property guardians. From securing trademarks for your cutting-edge products to ensuring your unique ideas stay yours, we’ve got your intellectual assets covered.

Economic substance

Imagine being a digital nomad running an online store. We guide you through the complexities of regulations, maintaining your business’s legitimacy even as it spans borders. We ensure your business has the appropriate “substance” where it matters.

Company incorporation services

Think of us as the launchpad for your business. Our experts manage the complex process of establishing your company, handling paperwork, regulations, and official communication. This allows you to concentrate on transforming your business vision into reality.


Embrace innovation effortlessly. We’re not just tech-savvy; we’re also well-versed in regulations. Collaborating closely with authorities, we assist you in navigating the fintech landscape. Whether it’s payment solutions or digital finance platforms, we’re your partners in technology-driven progress.

International groups administration

Imagine managing multiple business branches worldwide with ease. We function as operational coordinators, refining administrative processes to ensure seamless communication, compliance, and strategic alignment throughout your international ventures.

Licenses that fit your plans, wherever you go

Our team of experts will guide you through the process of getting the right licenses for your fintech dreams, no matter which country you’re interested in.

  • Fintech license: begin your fintech journey with the right license. Our team will help you understand what you need.

  • Fintech with banking license: combining digital innovation with regulatory trust, enabling seamless, modern financial solutions for today’s world.

  • Banking licenses: interested in licenses like RBI payment aggregator license, BharatPe banking license, or CBN fintech license? Our solutions have you covered.

  • FINMA fintech license: planning to expand beyond the UAE? Our fintech license FINMA can help you enter the Swiss market.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fintech license allows tech-driven financial services. It covers digital payments and online banking and follows RBI, CBN rules.

Yes! Our fintech with banking license blends modern finance with banking conveniences.

We provide licenses like RBI payment aggregator, BharatPe banking, and more tailored to your needs.

The FINMA fintech license grants fintech companies in Switzerland a streamlined regulatory framework, fostering innovation while ensuring consumer protection. It also allows for easier market entry and reduced operational barriers compared to traditional banking licenses.

Expertise and simplicity. We customize solutions, understanding the market, for smooth fintech and banking success.

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