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When running a business in the UAE, efficient corporate operations and compliance are paramount. That’s where professional PRO services come into play. Let’s learn about the significance of pro service companies in Dubai and how Arkad Management DMCC can streamline corporate operations in the UAE.

UAE corporate services: beyond PRO

Aside from PRO services, Arkad Management DMCC offers a wide range of corporate services in the UAE to support business growth and success. These services may include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • HR and payroll management
  • Business consultancy
  • Trade licence renewals
  • VAT registration and compliance

Tailored PRO Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Accurate financial management is essential for business success. Our accounting and bookkeeping services ensure that your financial records are well-maintained, facilitating smooth tax compliance and informed financial decision-making.

Trade licence renewals and amendments

Maintaining a valid trade licence is crucial for uninterrupted business operations. We handle trade licence renewals and amendments efficiently, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. With our assistance, you can avoid disruptions and focus on your business growth.

Business consultancy and advisory

Our business consultancy services offer valuable insights and strategic guidance for your business expansion in the UAE. We analyse market dynamics, assess opportunities, and provide expert advice to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

HR and payroll management

Efficient HR and payroll management are critical for employee satisfaction and business productivity. We offer comprehensive HR solutions, including payroll processing, employee contracts, and compliance with labour laws.

VAT registration and compliance

Navigating VAT regulations can be complex, but our experts make it simple. We assist with VAT registration and compliance, ensuring that your business adheres to all VAT requirements.

Banking and government applications

Opening bank accounts or dealing with government applications can be time-consuming. We take care of the paperwork, ensuring your applications are submitted accurately and promptly.

Understanding various jurisdictions in the UAE


A mainland company is an onshore business
licensed by the Department of Economic
Development of the related Emirate.

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A Free Zone is an economic area designed
to encourage foreign investors to trade
goods and provide services from the UAE
to overseas clients


An Offshore Company is a commercial legal entity that is set up with the intention of operating outside its
registered jurisdiction and/or the location of its ultimate ownership.

Flexible pricing options

We ensure only the best consulting services for our clients

Business license

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What’s Included

• Conducting business case assessment

• Structuring the company in accordance with legal requirements

• Selecting appropriate license activity codes

• Determining the most suitable jurisdiction for company registration

• Conducting shareholder due diligence

• Completing the application for company registration

• Tracking the process with the Free Zone, including CID verification

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Business license + visa

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Get up to 30% off when purchasing a corporate subscription.

What’s Included

Business license + visa

• Application form completion

• Entry permit acquisition

• Emirates ID and medical fitness test coordination

• Passing medical fitness test

• Passing biometrics

• Medical fitness test certificate upload

• Residence visa acquisition

• Emirates ID issuance

Turnkey company set-up

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Get up to 30% off when purchasing a corporate subscription.

What’s Included

Business license, Emirates ID & Assistance with bank account activation

•Compiling and preparing customer compliance profiles

•Obtaining pre-approval for opening a corporate bank account

•Arranging a meeting with a bank executive and signing bank forms

•Overseeing day-to-day compliance procedures

•Assistance with bank account activation

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Understanding PRO services

PRO services, short for public relations officer services, are essential for businesses operating in the UAE. Navigating the complex administrative processes in the UAE can be time-consuming and challenging. Our corporate PRO services company in Dubai acts as your liaison with government authorities, streamlining procedures, obtaining necessary clearances, and ensuring smooth interactions.

The role of Arkad Management DMCC in corporate PRO services

Arkad Management DMCC is a leading provider of corporate PRO services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the entire UAE. Our expert team caters to businesses seeking efficient and reliable PRO solutions for smooth operations and compliance. Let’s explore the diverse range of services we offer to support your business in the UAE.
Let our PRO take care of the details while you focus on achieving your entrepreneurial goals in the dynamic UAE market.

PRO services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

With a strong presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we are one of the best PRO companies in the UAE that caters to businesses across the UAE. Our expertise extends to the following regions:

1. Corporate PRO services in Dubai

Arkad Management DMCC’s Dubai corporate services are designed to support your business growth. We provide personalized solutions to meet the unique requirements of your industry and business activities.

2. Trusted PRO companies in Abu Dhabi

Our reputable PRO services company in Abu Dhabi offers reliable solutions for businesses in the capital city. Benefit from our local expertise and efficient services tailored to your business needs.

Partner with Arkad Management DMCC which is among the top PRO companies in Dubai for comprehensive PRO services in the UAE. Whether you need assistance in company formation, visa processing, trade license renewals, or government document clearances, our expert team ensures smooth operations and compliance for your business. Trust us to be your reliable partner for the PRO Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

PRO services in Dubai streamline government interactions, visa processing, company registration, and document attestation, saving time and ensuring compliance for businesses.

PRO services are essential in Dubai for efficient operations, government liaison, and maintaining compliance to avoid penalties and safeguard corporate reputation.

Yes, our PRO services cover visa processing, immigration matters, and document attestation, simplifying employee mobility and verification.

Absolutely! We handle the entire company registration process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

To get started, contact us through our website or call us for a tailored PRO services solution to meet your specific business needs in Dubai.

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