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Are you a non-resident looking to open a bank account in the UAE? Arkad Management DMCC can assist you with non-resident bank accounts in the UAE, including a Dubai bank account for non-residents. We offer hassle-free services for non-residents, making the process straightforward and stress-free.

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Submit an application on our site, and within an hour, our client manager will get in touch with you for a free consultation, discussing the benefits of conducting business in the UAE.

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At ARKAD, we operate on 100 % upfront payment basis at each phase of the company registration process. This approach ensures our undivided attention and proper allocation of resources to establish your business efficiently.

Company registration

Our expert team navigates the company establishment for you, managing all regulatory requirements, documentation, and interactions with authorities, freeing you to concentrate on your business goals.

Emirates ID

We simplify the procedure of securing your residency by handling all the requirements and paperwork. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth, hassle-free procurement of your essential identification in the UAE.

Corporate bank account

We work with the most famous banks in the UAE to create an optimal company structure, facilitating compliance processes. With a personal bank manager at your disposal, we ensure swift setup of your business’s financial operations in the UAE.

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Business license

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Get up to 30% off when purchasing a corporate subscription.

What’s Included

• Conducting business case assessment

• Structuring the company in accordance with legal requirements

• Selecting appropriate license activity codes

• Determining the most suitable jurisdiction for company registration

• Conducting shareholder due diligence

• Completing the application for company registration

• Tracking the process with the Free Zone, including CID verification

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Business license + visa

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Get up to 30% off when purchasing a corporate subscription.

What’s Included

Business license + visa

• Application form completion

• Entry permit acquisition

• Emirates ID and medical fitness test coordination

• Passing medical fitness test

• Passing biometrics

• Medical fitness test certificate upload

• Residence visa acquisition

• Emirates ID issuance

Turnkey company set-up

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Get up to 30% off when purchasing a corporate subscription.

What’s Included

Business license, Emirates ID & Assistance with bank account activation

•Compiling and preparing customer compliance profiles

•Obtaining pre-approval for opening a corporate bank account

•Arranging a meeting with a bank executive and signing bank forms

•Overseeing day-to-day compliance procedures

•Assistance with bank account activation

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Advisory &

Top-tier business support

Our team of experience professionals will take care of all operational and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus purely on your business goals.

  • Financial Management: accounting, bookkeeping, reporting.

  • Legal and Compliance: consulting, liaison, drafting.

  • Administrative services: PRO, HR, office management.

  • IT Management: tech support, infrastructure, cybersecurity.

Services for non-residents opening bank accounts in the UAE

Our services cater to non-residents across various cities in the UAE, including opening bank accounts in Dubai for foreigners. We make the process easy for you:

  • Help choose the right bank for your needs, considering factors such as your nationality, the type of account required, and your expected monthly balance.
  • Assistance in gathering all the necessary documentation required for a bank account for non-residents in UAE, including your passport, visa, and proof of address.
  • Accompanying you to the bank during the application process to provide support and address any questions you may have about opening a bank account in Dubai for non-residents.
  • Negotiating with banks on your behalf to secure the best terms for your account.
  • Efficiently following up on your application to ensure swift and smooth processing, including opening a personal bank account in Dubai.

We have a proven track record of helping hundreds of non-residents open bank accounts across the UAE.

Advantages of opening a personal bank account in the UAE

Opening a personal bank account UAE offers numerous advantages:

  • Convenient management of finances while in the country allows you to make payments, transfer money, and access your funds quickly.
  • The UAE’s reputation for safety and stability ensures that your money will be secure in a bank account here, including a Dubai bank account for foreigners.
  • Being a prominent business hub, the UAE offers various financial opportunities once you have a bank account in the country.

Our team is ready to address any questions you may have and assist you in getting started on your journey to easy bank account opening in Dubai for expats and personal bank accounts Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, non-residents can open a bank account in Dubai. Arkad Management DMCC offers assistance for non-residents looking to open a non-resident bank account in UAE, including Dubai.

As a foreigner, you’ll need your passport, visa, and proof of address to open a bank account in the UAE.

Yes, certain banks in the UAE offer services tailored for non-residents, and our team can help you choose the right bank for your needs.

No, with our assistance, opening a bank account in Dubai for expats is made more accessible and more straightforward.

The processing time to open personal bank account in Dubai varies, but we ensure efficient follow-up for a swift and smooth application process.

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